Do you need clear and white skin? 

Do you need moist skin? 

Our Technology

Depending on your skin type, Revivsome provides an immediate solution.
It was created by the research and manufacture of Park Photographs from KAIST in Korea.

Experience the original vitality of skin in the beginning with the purest exosomes

Do you need bright and clear skin?

Best freeze-drying conditions
high density stem cell culture
Superpure raw material with 0% impurity
Researcher from KAIST's Doctor of  Biotechnology 
Effectiveness of 250% increase in skin barrier
High concentration of low molecular hyaluronic acid smaller than pores

*원료적 특성 

An ampoule containing freeze-dried guman stem cell culture solution that increases skin moisture and adds vitality to the skin

태초의 피부 본연의 활력, 당신의 아름다움을 위한 가장 순수한 엑소좀
The natural vitality of the skin in the beginning, The purest Exosome for your beauty 

sugar exosome, is made up of the most powerful growth factors and is made with the best technology in Korea. "